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    FGB for Abrasives flap disc

    • Brand :Gesun Abrasives
    • Product origin :China
    • Delivery time :30 days
    • Supply capacity :3.6 million pcs/month
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    1. Detailed information

    Product Description

    High quality for FGB for Abrasives flap disc has high grinding rate, long life, wear resistance, high elasticity, good heat dissipation and low noise.

    FGB for Abrasives flap disc is installed in the electric angle grinder free grinding. Can be widely used in machinery, automobiles, ships, metallurgical and chemical industries, can also be used in modern residential plant iron repair and equipment repair.

    We have FGB for Abrasives flap disc integration progress from fiberglass cloth weaving, resin dipping, punching and pressing to finished backing pad in our own plant with strict quality control to achieve above standard of OSA,BS EN13743 and ANSI.


    Our Equipment:

    ①Weaving machinery for fiberglass cloth: 60 sets

    ②Resin-dipping equipment: 3 sets

    ③Punches:4 sets

    ④Drying oven: 12 sets

    ⑤Automatic pressing metal ring equipment:12 sets

    ⑥FGB for Abrasives flap disc Aluminum plates: 500,000pcs