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    FGB for Grinding disc

    • Brand :Gesun Abrasives
    • Product origin :China
    • Delivery time :30 days
    • Supply capacity :3.6 million pcs/month
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    1. Detailed information

    Basic information

    Gesun Abraisive industry is professional manufacturer of fiberglass backing in China makes FGB for Grinding disc uses multi-layer reinforced glass fiber material, with high tensile, impact and bending strength.

    FGB for Grinding disc has stable and reliable product quality, mainly exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, praised by users.

    Our high quality FGB for Grinding disc has grinding performance, durability, suitable for metal surface processing, welding mouth grinding, etc.


    Additionally with all the professional testing devices:

    Testing issues:

    1. FGB for Grinding disc rotate speed.

    2. Pulling strength of cloth.

    3. Resin content.

    4. Size: outer/ borehole/thickness.

    5. Weight.


    Type: T27/T29.

    Size: 90mm, 95mm,100mm,107mm,117mm,140mm,170mm.

    (Special sizes would be ordered also)

    FGB for Grinding disc capacity: 3.6 millions pcs/month.